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    Small Boring System Handles
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The simplest solution is usually the best one, and that adage is exemplified by a lawnmower-size device that bores holes as big as 15 inches in diameter under roads and highways.  The device, called the Maxibore, has received industry awards based on the benefits it brings to the process of underground facility placement.

The machineuses a 5 – or 9hp motor to drive a drill stem at 600 rpm.  A small stream of water goes through the stem to cool the bit and flush out the cuttings.  Different bits allow drilling through virtually any rock or soil. The Maxi-BORE can be purchased for less than $5,000 …

According to Tena Bradley,  the machine’s most highly prized feature is it’s accuracy.  She explains that a special drill stem guide controls the depth and angle of the bore. Direction is controlled by a aiming sight that can be aimed at a target stake up to 200 feet away.

When the boring is underway, forward speed is controlled by a hand winch mounted on the machine.  “The operator can feel impulses from the drill bit that are transmitted up the drill stem,”  Bradley said.  “From this feel, the operator knows when to slow down or change the bit.  But, if the propulsion were mechanized, the drill would be automatically forced forward and be deflected off of rocks or other obstructions.”

The 600-rpm speed of the drill rotation is also a factor in accuracy, according to Bradley. “Any physics teacher will tell you that the faster you spin an object, the more it wants to stay in it’s original path …


it’s a principal called ‘conservation of angular momentum’.”   Bradley added, “The unit is so accurate that some of our customers use it for sewer placement.  You can maintain the exact grade needed for drainage flow.”

Because of the low cost of the unit, it is proving extremely popular with public works departments in smaller communities with very limited budgets. Officials of the city of Roanoke, TX. Reported they were able to save nearly $50,000 on a water project.  In nearby Farmers Branch, the public works people reportedly drilled through 44 feet of “solid white rock” in less than 90 minutes.

An Oklahoma contractor reported he has been using a Maxi-BORE to install telephone cables and gas pipelines.  “Overall, it’s been a good machine,” he said.  “It works better in some terrains than others, but it does go through rock real well.”

Art Harbolt, tool manager for Henderson Electric Company of Louisville, KY, said his first experience with the unit was during a highway project.  His company was already behind schedule and was paying penalties when they experienced problems getting pipe under the highway. As the crew waited, one manufacturer demonstrated his boring system and promptly lost $28,000 worth of equipment beneath the roadbed.  “The state wouldn’t let him dig into the road to retrieve it either,” Harbolt said.

Next, Harbolt tried the Maxi-BORE.  “We went through hard rock, pulled the pipe under that highway, cleaned up and were back at the shop in less than four hours,” he said.  “I just love the thing - As a tool manager, when I find something that works this well, I get really excited about it.”


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Don't get stuck "Cutting Streets" use the Maxi-BORE Earth Boring Equipment to save money.

Culvert Replacement:  To replace a 20" Culvert, across a County Road that’s about 30' long will cost the county about $2,500 to $3,000.  With our Culvert Cleaning machine you can clean it in less than a hour and eliminate the four plus days it would take to do it the regular way.

Problem:  20" Culvert that’s about 30' Long is 90% to 99% Blocked with clay soil.   What to do?  Unload the Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning machine and be done with cleaning the culvert in less than a hour with-out costly culvert replacement.  The Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning Machine can eliminate 90% of Culverts scheduled for replacement because of blockage!

Maxi-Bore Trenchless technology that uses Earth Boring to save an preserve historic brick roads with out having to remove and replace historic brick roads surfaces.

When you look at the Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Equipment you are looking at "MADE IN USA", With the exception of the engine and the wheels you are looking at a product that 100% designed and manufactured in our own Fort Worth, TX Manufacturing Plant.

Many of our customers and other customer call us and make special requests.  Including adaptors and special design / specialty bits and reamers to meet there Earth Boring requirements.

Because Maxi-Bore has in-house Design and manufacturing we even get calls from customers who have completive products to make specialty bits and parts to meet there needs.  In many cases these items are requested, built and shipped in the same day!

Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Machines bring price and performance levels to customers.  Over the last 32 years our products have been used all over the world.  Every month we sell machines both in the USA and to offshore customers.

Part of our continued product development we set goals to manufacture the most durable, accurate and reliable Earth Boring equipment.  This includes manufacturing capacities such as our new CNC Lathe.  This allows our parts to build to even tighter tolerances and increases our parts production capabilities.  I also allow part number 1 to be exactly like part number 200.

The Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment eliminates cutting road surfaces to run Traffic Signaling, Electrical lines, water drops, and Irrigation water lines.

Cities can protect their road surfaces; they can use non-destructive Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment to complete the work.  When you use underground, Trenchless Earth Boring equipment you reduce costly, and unnecessary street cutting..

Use Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment to bore under Roads, driveways, trees, and lawns and save your money and time in getting the job done.

The Maxi-Bore Earth Boring equipment allows Cities to make Street Cutting obsolete.  Use that saving to rebuild or build new streets.

Cities Earth Boring Applications: 

   Traffic Signaling control wires.

   Irrigation water lines

   Electrical Conduit / Circuits

   Water Drops

   Culvert Cleaning    Culvert Cleaner   Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaner

   Extending fire hydrant lines

   Eliminate Street Cuttings

  Maxi-Bore allows non-destructive utility installations under paved surfaces.  Eliminates use of Road Barricades and workers having to work in traffic lanes.

In many more areas, Street Cutting has become illegal or very limited.  With the Maxi-BORE Road Boring, Earth Boring Equipment and Underground Boring Systems you can eliminate costly, unnecessary street cutting.

The City Council of Vidor, Texas approved purchase of Rota-Jetter Culvert Cleaning Machine!   Steve Coleman, Street and drainage Manager was impressed with the amount of tree roots removed from the very first culvert cleaned with the systems.   Steve states there culverts are totally full of Pine tree needles, branches and dirt from the major storm last year.   The general plan is to keep the Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning Machine on the streets of Vidor every workday.  All the culverts have to be initially cleaned to get water runoff moving.   One Texas County went from 5 to 6 culverts cleaned a day with road crews and after purchase of their own Rota-Jetter Culvert Cleaning Machine they were able to clean over 21 Culverts in one day…


Culvert Cleaning Ideas: Texas County purchased the Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaning Machine.  The company recommends two employees to operate the Machine.   Liberty County, Texas has figure out how to run machine and get more productivity with just one employee!  Sort of!   Liberty County employee goes by the local Minimum Security Prison, near town and picks up four labors.    The single County employee instructs and supervises Culvert Cleaning being done by labors.   Although Culvert cleaning is hot dirty work, normally there is never a problem with prison labors going out and doing work




Exit end: Workers used Duct-Tape to block end and allow to keep pipe clean of mud.   DONE!

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